New England College of Business Hardship Scholarship

New England College of Business Hardship Scholarship


The scholarship is available to New England College of Business students who can demonstrate an economic hardship, above and beyond the information provided on their FAFSA, or as a result of a change in their personal situation since their FAFSA was submitted for the current award year.

Who Can Apply:

  1. New or continuing degree students who participate in continuous enrollment
  2. Graduate of another New England College of Business program enrolling in a new degree program participating in continuous enrollment
  3. Those who have completed individual courses, including Continuing Ed and/or certificate programs, who are applying to enter into a degree program with continuous enrollment
  4. Students, or family members of students, who are part of a Partner program

The scholarship is not available to any student who applies to the College for non-continuous enrollment.

What is a Hardship?

A hardship, for the purpose of this scholarship, is defined as a life circumstance that results in a negative impact on the student's financial status, including but not limited to:

Award Amount:

Students who qualify for this scholarship may be eligible for up to the following amounts:

There is no fee to apply for this scholarship.

Disbursement Conditions:

How to Apply:

Student must submit the scholarship application form with a brief essay, no more than 1,000 words, explaining the hardships they experience and how this affects their ability to pay for their education. All applications will be reviewed for approval by the Academic Dean, the President and the VP, Student Recruitment.

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