New England College of Business Academic Merit Scholarship

New England College of Business Academic Merit Scholarship


The scholarship is available to new students with an excellent academic history to help them get started on their bachelor's degree. A new student is defined as a student who has not pursued any course of study at New England College of Business previously.

Who Can Apply:

The scholarship is not available to any student who applies to the College for non-continuous enrollment.

Award Amount:

Students who qualify for this scholarship may be eligible for up to the following amount: $500.00

Disbursement Conditions:

How to Apply:

Student must submit the scholarship application form with a copy of student's transcript. Students are also asked to request official transcripts from the institution that awarded their associate's degree. If a student attended more than one institution while pursuing his or her associate's degree, the student is asked to submit transcript requests to all institutions where he or she took courses leading to the associate's degree.

All applications will be reviewed by the New England College of Business Financial Aid Director and submitted to the College President for approval. All scholarship decisions are final and are not subject to appeal.

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